Stronghands CRO3D

Decentralised, Autonomous Hourglass on Cronos Chain

Decentralised and Permissionless.
Owned only by the holders.

Stronghands CRO3D is a customised variant of the traditional Hourglass contract - it's been upgraded to become a fairer, more sustainable economic model of fee sharing. All users are on the same power level - there are no administrators, ambassadors or advantaged players.

Every Deposit and Withdrawal of CRO on the Stronghands CRO3D contract incurs a 10% Dividend Fee, redistributed proportionately between all CRO3D holders. Earnings can be compounded to increase ownership share, or harvested to a user's wallet.

Steady Growth for Everyone.
Rising Floor with every Transaction.

CRO3D provides an assurance of permanent value and potential growth, thanks to the Price Floor mechanism and contract, deployed and blessed with CRO3D at the same time as the core CRO3D contract.

Every Buy, Sell and Transfer distributes dividends to holders - and that includes Price Floor. The difference is, Price Floor can never liquidate or sell - so your CRO3D will ALWAYS be redeemable for CRO, at any time.

No Upgrades Necessary.

Stronghands CRO3D is a finished product requiring no further updates, upgrades, changes or modifications - its contract is without an owner or manager, and it runs entirely independently of any developer or maintenance. The only parties who can affect the operation of the Hourglass are those who hold its tokens.

Please do your own research before using this application. To the greatest extent possible, CRO3D has been implemented to be accessible directly on-chain without a user interface. This website and associated APIs have been provided for convenience. Ultimately you are interacting with no other party other than the blockchain itself and are 100% responsible for your transactions. The CRO3D community is a decentralized autonomous organization and is never liable for losses that happen using this user interface or CRO3D.